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Active Classroom Image Gallery

Check out some of the beautiful gallery shots by our manufacturers to see many of the products we offer in action. See something you like? We hope so! We can certainly provide a quote for any of the classrooms or products you see. Just chat, give us a call at 1-800-790-8332 or email us at to get started.


Active Learning Art Lab - Hierarchy Series


Active Sit-to-Stand Science Lab

 Active Learning Art Lab - Hierarchy Series Active Sit-to-Stand Science Lab 


Collaborative Reading Lab - Blue


Collaborative STEM Classroom

 Collaborative Reading Lab - Blue Collaborative STEM Classroom 


Flexible Collaborative Classroom with Soft Seating


Flexible Elementary Classroom - Hierarchy Series

 Flexible Collaborative Classroom with Soft Seating Flexible Elementary Classroom - Hierarchy Series 


Flexible Media Computer Lab


Flexible Media Lab with Stations

 Flexible Media Computer Lab Flexible Media Lab with Stations 


Music Classroom - Hierarchy Series


Sit-to-Stand Classroom for Higher Ed

 Music Classroom - Hierarchy Series Sit-to-Stand Classroom for Higher Ed 


Sit-to-Stand Lecture Lab


Sit-to-Stand STEAM Space

 Sit-to-Stand Lecture Lab Sit-to-Stand STEAM Space 


STEM Collaboration Lab with Power


 STEM Collaboration Lab with Power  


21st Century Media Lab


Active Learning Media Room

 21st Century Media Lab Active Learning Media Room 


Collaborative Flexible Elementary Classroom


Collaborative STEM/STEAM Lab

 Collaborative Flexible Elementary Classroom Collaborative STEM/STEAM Lab 


Collaborative Tech Classroom


Contemporary Reception Seating

 Collaborative Tech Classroom Contemporary Reception Seating 


Engaging Lounge Area


Engaging STEM Lab

 Engaging Lounge Area Engaging STEM Lab 


Flexible STEAM Classroom


Flexible STEAM Space

 Flexible STEAM Classroom Flexible STEAM Space 


Flexible Makerspace Classroom


STEAM Space Elementary Classroom

 Flexible Makerspace Classroom STEAM Space Elementary Classroom 

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