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Whiteboards, Blackboards, Glass Boards and Tack Boards

Classroom Boards in a variety of sizes and styles

Classroom blackboard use has ancient origins and decade after decade it's proven to be one of the most effective mediums through which teachers can present a lesson to a class as a whole. The blackboard, or chalkboard, has since evolved and more stylish options like whiteboards and glass boards are now available.

White boards, or dry erase boards, are available in different grades of dry erase surfacing. We recommend heavy duty porcelain-on-steel or glass dry erase surfaces for everyday or classroom use. Porcelain-on-Steel and glass are both exceptionally resistant to scratching, staining and denting evidenced by a 50 year warranty for these surfaces. The more economically priced surfaces include melamine, HPL and painted steel. These surfaces are more prone to "ghosting" (Where small amounts of ink will begin to be absorbed into the surface over time and be difficult if not impossible to remove). These surfaces require more intensive and regular care to maintain their bright white surface color. For occasional or moderate use, however, the lower grade dry erase surfaces may perform adequately for a few years.

Our tackboards are made of cork, vinyl, recycled rubber, or fabric in a variety of colors. Trims include aluminum, wood, and plastic. Many of our tack boards and bulletin boards are available with doors as enclosed boards. Enclosed boards are available with 1, 2, or 3 doors and with a single surface or a combination of surfacing such as cork on one side and dry erase surfacing on the other.

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