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Classroom Audio Visual Equipment for Every Need

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As technology continues to advance it brings with it boundless solutions, creativity, interactivity and just plain cool new stuff. Many of these technological advances, to no surprise, have made their way into the schools and classrooms, taking education practices to a whole new level. Lesson plans can be reinforced with the use of digital media and students can accomplish tasks and develop the skills of using a technology medium they will be forever surrounded by.

AV Equipment

The newest, hottest (and again, just downright cool) item appearing in 21st century classrooms is the Interactive Flat Panel, essentially replacing your old classroom board with a fully integrated, customizable touch-screen display that can sync with multiple devices. Also supporting the hands-on learning approach is the advent of 3D Printers specifically geared for classroom use. Rest assured, we still ensure we can provide traditional classroom AV Equipment like headphones, overhead projectors and more.

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